Introducing ClarityRx: Plant-Based, Results-Driven Skin Care

plant based skin care product in a bottle shown with different flowers and leaves

What if you could have clean and simple skin care that offers pharmaceutical-grade benefits?

The last decade has seen a rise in the popularity of plant-based products, with consumers clamoring for alternatives to animal-derived ingredients. Yet you still need products that target specific skin concerns from wrinkles and skin laxity to hyperpigmentation, those annoying dark patches that come from sun exposure. And at Skin Deep, we carefully select products that we know will work for our clients.

Plant-Based Skin Care is in the Shop!

The solution has arrived! Skin Deep is proud to now offer ClarityRx, a line of skin care products that combines plant-based pharmaceutical-grade ingredients like CBD to deliver proven benefits. Finally, a brand-new skin care line based on a revolutionary skin-repairing technology that harnesses the healing benefits of nature and the power of plants. It feels really good to expand our product offerings to include a plant based option, and especially 3 new products that contain CBD. As a company that approaches skin care and skin treatments from a medical perspective, we love these new choices.

Selling plant-based skin care makes us feel good!

What makes the ClarityRx line unique? This innovative line combines powerful botanical ingredients with medical-grade actives, a winning combination for your skin, health, and the environment. ClarityRx’s products offer the best of both worlds with powerful plant extracts, essential oils, and skin-soothing botanicals with powerful ingredients that deliver visible results.
The line is formulated with carefully selected ingredients that address specific skin concerns including wrinkles, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, acne, and rosacea without the addition of harsh or harmful chemicals, fillers, or chemicals. The ClarityRx line keeps their products fragrance and color-free to reduce skin irritation and make them safe and effective for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
The ClarityRx line is also notable for the ingredients it doesn’t contain. The products are free of phthalates, sulfates, and parabens that are bad for health and the environment. Plus, the skin care line is cruelty-free, because what you put on your face shouldn’t harm the welfare of animals.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Plant Based
  • Fragrance Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Cruelty Free

ClarityRx Ingredients Make the Difference

The strength of a skincare line comes down to how it’s formulated. The ingredients in ClarityRx are a fusion of skin-nourishing herbals and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients backed by science. Plant-based ingredients like cannabidiol, CBD extract, green tea leaf extract, Pinus pinaster, sweet almond seed extract, sea-based plant extracts, and Ashwagandha fight oxidative stress and inflammation, major contributors to skin aging and skin problems such as eczema.
ClarityRx is a performance-based skin solution that fights the signs of aging, reduces hyperpigmentation, improves skin texture, and restores healthy skin barrier function. The omega-3s in cannabidiol and the superior moisturizing capabilities of plant-based ingredients like horsetail kelp protect and replenish as they calm the skin and reinforce its barrier to moisture loss. For fighting hyperpigmentation and the signs of aging, niacinamide is proven to lighten pigmentation, improve skin texture, and restore healthy skin barrier function.

You can’t remedy skin problems without addressing your skin’s natural defense, the skin microbiome. Some ClarityRx skincare products contain lactobacillus, a skin-friendly probiotic that helps restore your skin’s natural balance. The combination of calming plant-based ingredients and medical-grade directives protects against the environment and oxidative stress, restores a healthy moisture balance, and targets specific concerns such as collagen loss and hyperpigmentation. When you look in the mirror, you see skin that’s revitalized and rejuvenated.

Targeted Solutions for Specific Skin Issues

Whether your skin needs protection against the environment to reduce signs of aging, or strategies to combat aging, increased pigmentation, acne outbreaks, or rosacea, the ClarityRx line delivers targeted solutions with the most advanced ingredients minus added fillers, fragrances, colorings, and irritants. Are fine lines showing up around your eyes or is your skin starting to break out more often? What about those dark spots appearing from years of sun exposure? There’s a ClarityRx product that can target that problem in a way that nature intended, without irritating your skin. It’s advanced skin care that works in harmony with nature.

We Think You'll Love to Try ClarityRx

If you’re conscious of what you put on your skin and concerned about the impact products have on the environment, you’ll appreciate the clean but effective solutions the Clarity Rx skin care line offers. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly and designed to reduce waste. It’s clean and simple skin care that works in tune with nature.

3 Different Masks: Charcoal, Salt, and CBD

A Silky Smooth Powerhouse Probiotic Serum

Creates a radiant, dewy glow as it restores and harmonizes your skin. This luxurious formula features a balancing complex of Hyaluronic Acid and probiotics, along with a blend of rich botanical extracts and protective antioxidants to hydrate, balance, smooth texture, and reduce the appearance of conditions associated with aging.

CBD Cleanser and Moisturizer

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