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Biocellulose Sheet Mask

Our new Biocellulose Sheet Masks Are Here!

Talk to us a about sheet masks, people…
Like? Love? What the hell is the point of a sheet mask? Are they all created equal?!?

Short answer… No. Some are meh, and some are just not worth the money.

Enter: our *new* Biocellulose Recovery Mask

This restorative mask helps to replenish the skin barrier while alleviating the discomfort associated with compromised, post procedure skin. Enriched with fractionated hyaluronic acid, soothing green tea polyphenols and nourishing peptides, this soothing mask helps to provide instant relief and reduce the appearance of redness…

Fractionated Hyaluronic Acid ensures continuous and optimal hydration. Nourishing peptides support skin matrix repair and enhance skin elasticity. Powerhouse antioxidants combine to provide the broadest protection against environmental damage. Chamomile, Cucumber, Yucca Root Extract – natural extracts rich in nutrients help to soothe and calm visibly irritated skin ??‍♀️

Another bonus? They’re GREAT for travel! Don’t sacrifice your skincare regimen just because you’re out of town. These are an easy, post flight pick-me-up for tired and dehydrated skin. Plus, your kiddos can play with it after you’re done ?

Biocellulose Sheet Masks

$20 for 1 single-use mask | $110 for a 6pk!

⭐️ For a limited time, snag one of these Biocellulose Sheet Masks after your next facial with us for only $16… use it 2-3 weeks post-treatment to boost your results & keep your skin looking amazing until your next appointment ⭐️

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