hands reaching for 5 essential anti-aging skincare products shown

5 Anti-Aging Skincare Essentials

The solution to skin aging is closer than you think … and if you’ve ordered from us before it might already be right there on …

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closeup of woman face with sensitive skin

7 Factors That Can Aggravate Sensitive Skin

Is your skin red, dry, or flaky? An estimated 40 percent of people believe they have sensitive skin. Some people are born with sensitive skin, …

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How to Prevent Premature Skin Aging with Vitamin C Serum

Find out why everyone can benefit from this amazing antioxidant ingredient… Love the skin you’re in by protecting your face with vitamin c serum! The …

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a woman has dark patches on her skin and will use Obagi to treat hyperpigmentation to get beautiful skin

Using Obagi to Treat Hyperpigmentation

We love Obagi. We use Obagi. And of course we sell Obagi! So we wanted to write about one of the common conditions that Obagi …

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four young people in dresses and suits at the prom with beautiful skin after hydrafacial for teens treatment

HydraFacial for Teens – Prom Season is Here!

HydraFacial for Teens and Teenage Acne Teens (and their parents) typically spend a lot of time getting ready for the prom. By now you’ve found …

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plant based skin care product in a bottle shown with different flowers and leaves

Introducing ClarityRx: Plant-Based, Results-Driven Skin Care

What if you could have clean and simple skin care that offers pharmaceutical-grade benefits? The last decade has seen a rise in the popularity of …

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hair growth treatment success before and after picture

Hair Growth Success

Back to all Let’s look at some effective hair growth treatment options that are backed by science. Hair growth success is totally achievable! Why is …

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woman with light skin thinks about treating stretch marks on her hips

Treating Stretch Marks

Got Stretch Marks? What, if anything, can be done for treating stretch marks, a condition that occurs when the skin is rapidly stretched? A lot …

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woman with even skin tone from using obagi nu-derm system for aging

The Best Time to Start Using Obagi Nu-Derm System

Treat Your Sunspots and Discoloration in the Winter After a summer of fun in the sun, you might notice dark areas of increased pigmentation called …

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glass beakers in a lab used to study abcs of skin care based on science

The ABCs of Skin Care

Skin care can be as easy as the ABCs (of skin care), but the steps you take should be supported by science. Let’s look at …

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face of beautiful woman in the fall sun to show fall skin care tips

7 Fall Skin Care Tips for More Radiant Skin

Time to switch to your Fall skin care routine! The summer is drawing to a close, and there’s nothing like the crisp air of fall …

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woman wearing a protective mask that is hiding her maskne

If You Have Maskne, Here’s How to Get Rid of It

“Maskne” is that acne you get from wearing a protective face mask Wearing masks has become part of the new normal and we will probably …

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