Why Men Like ReFissa

why men like refissa

An anti-aging cream that's popular with men

While doing a little research for marketing, we were really surprised by the amount of men searching Refissa through Google, and we know that almost 26% of our website visitors are male! We decided we should do an article on why men like Refissa so much. Men’s skincare is becoming increasingly sophisticated as more and more men discover the benefits of a good skincare regimen. This includes prescription-strength anti-aging creams like ReFissa.

A little background first

ReFissa is a prescription-strength skin treatment, formulated to address wrinkles and uneven hyperpigmentation. It is a rich emollient cream with a high percentage of the active ingredient, tretinoin. ReFissa is clinically proven to reduce fine facial wrinkles and irregular pigmentation, and to smooth and soften rough, dry skin.

What is tretinoin?

Tretinoin is a high-strength form of vitamin A. It’s one of the few active ingredients that has been confirmed to offer measurable anti-aging benefits when applied topically. Tretinoin works by rejuvenating the upper layers of the skin, reducing or erasing fine lines and other signs of aging. Tretinoin can also reduce hyperpigmentation, giving the skin a more even tone. Tretinoin preparations are used to treat acne. Because tretinoin is so strong, creams containing it are available by prescription only after a consultation.

What is an emollient?

Emollients are moisturizing formulas that soften and smooth the skin. They can improve the appearance of fine lines by plumping up the surface layer of the skin, giving it a fresher, younger look. Emollients also reduce dryness, redness and irritation. They are valuable for those who spend time outdoors as they prevent the skin from chapping and drying. Emollient creams can also be used as carriers for active ingredients, ensuring that they’re properly absorbed by the skin.

Now we get to the point. Why do men like ReFissa?

You may already have tried over-the-counter anti-aging treatments and found that they’re not for you. Weak formulas, ineffective ingredients, irritating fragrances, the need for multiple steps — all these things can deter men from using anti-aging skin care.

ReFissa is different. It’s great for male skin. It helps significantly with problems such as fine lines and blemishes. If you’re a man who enjoys the outdoors, your skin may have suffered sun damage over the years. This can cause wrinkles and patches of hyperpigmentation. ReFissa can address these problems very effectively. If you’re an acne sufferer, ReFissa can improve the condition dramatically. The active ingredient can help flatten and reduce scars due to acne or injuries.

1. Moisturizer is built-in

One of the great benefits of ReFissa is its rich emollient formula. Our Refissa rep (who is a man) says the feedback that he receives from patients, men included, is that the emollient base is unmatched. If someone can achieve anti-aging results all while keeping the skin moisturized, that is what would make someone choose Refissa over other formulations of Tretinoin.

Ideally, everyone should use a daily moisturizer. Adding an extra step to your skincare routine can be annoying and hard to maintain. Nobody wants to clutter the bathroom shelves with tubes and bottles. With ReFissa, you get all the benefits of tretinoin and a high-quality emollient in a single product, giving you one less thing to apply.

When you first start using a topical tretinoin preparation, it’s common to experience a little irritation and redness. Because tretinoin can have this kind of effect, emollients are very valuable; they soothe the irritation and reduce dryness. ReFissa makes sure that your skin gets everything it needs.

2. Fragrance-free formula

Another reason that men like ReFissa is its fragrance-free formula. Unlike some other anti-aging creams, there are no perfumes to clash with your cologne. Fragrances can also irritate your skin, potentially causing an allergic reaction. With ReFissa, this isn’t a problem.

3. Simplicity

Of course we can’t speak for all men but as a generalization, the less products to use the better. There’s a reason why the 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash products are mostly marketed towards men. Deborah Spalla (founder and owner of Skin Deep) says, “My experience is that men in general like their routines as simple as possible and when they find something truly effective they marry it. I speak from experience. I do have three sons.” The results from Refissa really do speak for themselves and it couldn’t be simpler. Women love this too of course but are often more willing to do more in relation to skin care. Women in general have more experience with skin care. Skin care for some men is a new experience.

And a little advice for getting the most out of ReFissa

ReFissa works best when you use it in conjunction with sun avoidance. UV radiation is one of the main causes of skin aging; if you want to get the most out of an anti-aging treatment, you’ll obviously want to avoid too much sun. Tretinoin can increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV, so it’s especially important to apply a high-strength sunblock and wear a hat if you’re spending time outdoors. Refissa addresses a lot of skin care concerns: texture, moisture, acne, and luminosity. Healthier skin in general. Man or woman, you just got to love it.

Skin Deep makes it easy to order prescription skin care products like ReFissa

Don’t forget to fill out the medical forms (tell us about your skin, etc) and check the consent box before you add ReFissa to your cart!

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