Get the MOST Out of Your Aesthetician

Skin Deep Customized Skin Care and Clinical Skin Care in Alameda

Get the MOST Out of Your Aesthetician

Customized skincare means we get to know you, your skin’s history, and your current skin care routine. When you come in for your appointment(s), we love it when our clients bring in their products. Why?  It helps us not duplicate something you may already be using in another form. It is also very important for us to eliminate any potential problems being created by the wrong products.  There are a lot of products on the market that are actually not great for skin. We carry only results-driven products, sunscreen and makeup (and equipment) that we know will work.

Each appointment with Skin Deep starts with a very thorough consultation. We evaluate your skin and always ask what your goals are. The aesthetician will then create a customized skincare regimen with the right type of service and home care that will achieve those goals. We look at your entire health history to determine what products will work best. Lifestyle is always a consideration when developing a program. We often work with working moms and dads who need something effective that can be done quickly.

It is our job to educate our clients as to how to manage their specific skin care. We work with you to be your own expert allowing for changes in your daily routine. You will not necessarily know what is good for everyone but you will certainly know what works for you, because you’re getting a customized skincare plan! It is our job to teach you these things because when we work together with home care and monthly treatments you get the best results for absolutely beautiful, healthy skin. We can effect texture, discoloration, redness, acne, aging, and luminosity.

Skin care products can be expensive, especially when they don’t work. That doesn’t happen here. We carry a hand-selected inventory of clinical and prescription strength products that work. It is a little like building a wardrobe. You pick the basics and build from there. We are all very busy with careers, families and activities and we realize that keeping it as simple as possible is best. We really listen to your concerns and address those issues as part of your customized skincare program.

When developing a regular monthly skin care regimen we take into consideration a variety of services. Think of it as building a workout routine where through muscle confusion you get the best results.

Everything effects skin.  Diet, weather, lifestyle, medications, hormones, stress, sleep, habits like touching our face, phone contact, touching pets and then transferring bacteria can all have a negative impact. We take everything you do into consideration from the type of work you do to your activities. For instance, if you wear a football helmet or ride horseback the helmets can cause people to break out around the straps.

It is our job to know exactly what protocols are necessary to adapt to what is going on in your life, or we couldn’t call it customized skincare! Our clientele are our best form of advertising because family and friends will ask them, “What are you doing to your skin?  You look amazing!”

We love what we do, which is providing customized skincare services and product recommendations. Let us help you create a lifetime of healthy skin. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us  or give us a call at 510-522-7487.

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