Making the Case for Good Eyebrows

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There is a lot of talk about eyebrows these days. And though they are definitely a trendy topic, let’s face it, good eyebrows never go out of style. What are “good eyebrows” anyway? Full and feathery, or defined and arched? Filled in and polished, or subtle and natural?

In truth, the best brows are the ones that frame your face and complement your features.

There are a lot of variables to take into account when talking about eyebrows. Everything from shape to color to thickness. There is no one magic stencil, pencil, or powder that will instantly make all of your eyebrow dreams come true, but with a little help and the right products, anyone can have “good eyebrows”!

Maybe you need a little help from a pro?

One thing you can do is make an appointment with an aesthetician (like Skin Deep Professional!) who specializes in eyebrow design. Correcting issues like overly thinned or improperly shaped brows can take time, so be patient. We can recommend products to thicken the brows if needed, and teach you how to properly apply your makeup. Trust your aesthetician and don’t even think about tweezing in between appointments!

By working with a professional, you’ll be rewarded with the ideal brow shape for YOUR face. You’ll see how your face can be framed and your features enhanced. Eliminate the frustration of trying to style your brows on your own, sometimes botching the look completely, having to wait while the hair grows back, sometimes miraculously getting it right, but then forgetting to follow through and maintain the shape! Leave it to us and don’t worry about it anymore.

According to an MIT study done in 2002 called Why Are Eyebrows Crucial, eyebrows are a vital part of facial identification. So put your best face forward by getting your brows sculpted by a professional and have a good eyebrow day, every day!

Book an Eyebrow Sculpt appointment at Skin Deep in Alameda and let’s discover what “good eyebrows” should look like for you! Let us help you to achieve and maintain a style that you’ll love.

Here are some of our favorite products to keep your brows beautiful:


neuBrow Brow Enhancing Serum

glo-minerals Brow Gel Clear

glo-minerals Brow Gel Clear

glo-minerals Brow Powder Duo Brown

glo-minerals Brow Powder Duo Brown


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